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Charnwood Classic Restorations specialises in sidecars. We have over 25 years experience in restoring sidecars...

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Welcome to Charnwood Classic Restorations

Welcome to Charnwood Classic Restorations. Europe's premiere sidecar specialist. We have Europe's largest stock of new and used sidecars, ranging from vintage through to present day, sports through to saloon. We have sidecars to suit the fast sports rider to the 3/4 seater for the family.

We offer a full fitting service and can do any modifications to your motorcycle you may require. This includes the supply and fittings of leading link forks and 14/15" wheels. We also stock and supply all sidecar related spares, Fittings, Hoods, Tonneaus, Mudguards, Handles, Catches, Lights, Wheels, Tyres, Sub Frames, Brakes, Chassis, Suspension Etc.

We stock/supply Watsonian, Squire, Wasp, Headingham, Gemini, E.M.L and EZS sidecars and spares.

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